Monday, December 9, 2013

Encouragement and Photo Booth

"Encourage one another" - a phrase that I have heard a surprising amount lately. At church as well as bible study, we have been talking about how important it is to encourage one another and take enough time away from your own concerns to be able to give someone else words of encouragement or a helping hand. It's pretty amazing how much it can change your day by just having one person take the time to stop what they're doing and say something kind.

I've found this to be super crucial for me during this year. I will definitely admit that being a teacher is not the easiest job, and I have developed an overwhelming sense of appreciation and admiration for teachers around the world. There is so much time, love, compassion, and long hours that are put into this job. But I can't take credit for learning about all these things by doing them and figuring them out myself. I have learned them through my co-workers, several of which have been teachers for up to 30 years. They're all incredible, and I especially love them for their encouraging and positive attitudes. 

I'm always pleasantly surprised at how willing people are to help one another. Most of these teachers are busily running around trying to grade papers in time for their next class, entering grades, planning  for their classes, or doing whatever random job that they need to do. But one thing i have always noticed is that everyone is willing to drop whatever they are doing in order to help someone else if they are in need. I have definitely been that "needy" person a few times (or several times), and I am beyond grateful for how caring and thoughtful my co-workers have been. So, I thought I'd give them a picture shout out:

Two of my beautiful amigas and myself at a Teacher's Appreciate Luncheon. Duyna who is a  Philosophy and Religion teacher and Itzel who is an English teacher

Me and Joseph at the luncheon!

Just had to share the beautiful view from where we had lunch!
Teaching my coworker Juan , professor of Accounting and Tourism, about the wonders of Photo Booth after  school one day

He especially enjoyed the special effects

A few of my other coworker friends: Laura who is a professor of English, Carmen who is a professor of Mathematics, and Juan again

Two professors that already know the art of photo bombing. Juan and Ramires ,  professor of Philosophy and Civics

I have been very blessed to have such a great community at work. Sorry that I actually just posted selflies on my blog, but it helps to give a good feel of how great these people are. 

In other news, tomorrow is the last day that students will be in school, and then it is the end of the school year! Since the seasons are backwards, this is summer break, so we will have about a month and a half off of work. But don't worry, I will definitely not be left with a month to lounge around and watch endless marathons of Friends and Modern Family. Here are some things coming up for me:

-Lots of teacher work days! Meaning lots of correcting tests and entering grades - it will be a good time
-Mom is coming to Panama! There will be a whole blog post of that one.
-I also will get to see my best friend and her family when my mom comes down!
-I am going on a 2 week mission trip to the interior of Panama with the students of 11th grade
-I (might) be going on another mission trip after that! More news about that later

So don't worry, I have plenty of things going on during my summer "break". Until all the Christmas festivities, my life will be consumed of this: 
Grading and then grading a little bit more

Thanks for all the support as always, and all the words of encouragement! They mean more than you know!