Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Less than 2 months left!

Well hey!

It has obviously been a hot minute since I blogged, so I have loads to update y'all on!

Let's start with El Salvador!

I was able to travel to San Salvador, El Salvador with the Diocese of Panama to attend the yearly synod for IARCA. IARCA is the Central American Region of the Anglican Church. This region includes Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, and Guatemala. Basically, synod is a time for the dioceses to come together and talk about what has been happening in their dioceses as well as their future resolutions and goals for the next year. Also, this year marked the year that they were supposed to elect a new primate bishop of IARCA, but they ultimately decided to elect the primate in two more years.

While in El Salvador, got to see our fellow friend and YASCer Hannah Perls, who is currently serving in San Salvador, El Salvador. We got to see a little piece of her life in San Salvador and even got to see where she works!

Joseph and I with Hannah

Team Panama
Hey look! Our boss also made it down to IARCA's synod! So great to see her as well.
Hanging out with the boss, Elizabeth Boe
Oh wait, another boss! We also had the pleasure of seeing Sam McDonald, Deputy COO and Director of Mission in New York.

Here are a few other pictures pictures from Synod:
Some of the clergy that attended synod

Where all the magic happened

The current Primate - Bishop Armando Guerra
After returning from El Salvador, it was time to get right back into school! I attended another Convivencia for 8th Grade, which I naturally did not take pictures of. Again! Sorry about that.

However, I do have some pretty great pictures. May 30th is Dia de la Etnia Negra - Black Ethnicity Day. But, many people in Panama have made it into a whole month of celebrating. Extra celebrating - big surprise there! So, Patricia held a party at our house to celebrate the holiday. I have this really cool video of some traditional dancing and singing, but I shockingly can't figure out how to upload the video successfully. I guess pictures will have to do!

Oh yes, the fact that the party was at my house meant that I had to go all out. Outfit specially designed by Patricia de Lewis

Little brothers!

With the Queen herself

Dia de la Etnia Negra was also celebrated at school! The students were looking super cute so here are some pictures from school:

7th Grade and Prof. Joseph

High School teachers

The best picture

Girls from Elementary

The celebrations truly lasted the whole month - it was great. Otherwise, things have been continuing here normally with school, and the students just finished their first trimester!  Meanwhile, I have a little less than 2 months left in Panama! Which is absolutely crazy. So in the meantime, I've been trying to travel while I can! I'll leave y'all with a few photos I took when I went on a vacation to "El Valle" - a place in the interior of Panama that has mountains and hot springs. Super cool!

Who knew the zoo could be so pretty?

Really attractive clay masks at the hot springs 
Panama has the only square trees in the world!

Thanks for keeping up! I will be blogging soon - I PROMISE this time!